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Try Our Tester set

This mini chilli sauce taster set gives you great tasting mini flavours. Perfect for sampling and sharing, these little bottles are ideal for gifts or a special occassion. Let your friends and family try all 4 different sauces and decide which ones they like best!

Made from the finest & hottest Scotch Bonnet Chillis.

Made from the finest & hottest Scotch Bonnet Chillis.All products are made from a traditional recipe by Mama Ntsama using the finest and the hottest Scotch Bonnet Chilli with no additives or artificial flavouring. Our aim is to spread the warmth using natural ingredients, tons of flavours and a whole lot of spice! Our products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

ShortListed for Quality Food award 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our chilli oul & sauces have made it to the shortlist for the 2022 Quality Food Award.



I love the fact these chilli sauces and oils are made from real quality natural ingredients not relying on chemicals to enhanced or preservatives. It really brings out some nice flavours.

Mark Gray

Simply awesome full of flavour. It just wakes the taste bud. The oil or the sauce or both oil and sauce can be included in marinade, or used for stir fry, soups, stew, beans, porridge etc

Rebecca Bazeley

I tried out the oils on various recipes and it truly enhanced the taste of my yummy dishes! My fav is the garlic and ginger... I just couldn't stop using it on most of my traditional recipes.

Tolu Sonubi

Very versatile, we went through our first jar of original hot sauce very quickly because we had it with most meals. Works well on it's own and also mixed with mayo.

Anthony Britton
Los Angeles, CA

I recommend ordering from this website! The service is great, you will have your sauces at no time! The sauces are very tasty, I tried the Ginger and Garlic Chilli Sauce and it gave a fantastic flavou.

Los Angeles, CA