Our story begins with Mama Ntsama, a lovely old Cameroonian lady who took the greatest pride in making the most wonderful and delicious chilli oils using jealously guarded secret recipe. A real labour of love, she loved to share her delicious chilli oils with her family and friends. Such was the experience of our founder and creator– Joyce Gannon. Once she tasted it, she was hooked! She used it on practically everything as you will too once you taste it. Mama Ntsama passed away, never sharing her secret recipe. Fuelled by a need to carry on this legacy, Joyce tried many times to recreate the special chilli oil without success. Then in 2009, in the most extraordinary dream, Mama Ntsama visited Joyce, going through every stage of making her special delicious chilli oil. Waking up, Joyce wrote down the entire process as she was shown in the dream. Following this recipe, she prepared a fresh batch of chilli oil, it was a real ‘Eureka!’ moment – it tasted exactly like Mama Ntsama’s oil! And so was born Mama Ntsama’s chilli oil and sauces. Sourcing only from the finest locally sourced ingredients, our range of products are hand-prepared from the finest Scotch Bonnet chilies using natural products, 100% vegan-friendly ingredients with tons of flavour and a whole lot of spice with no additives!

I know there are many other chilli products on the market today, but Mama Ntsama’s chilli oil is prepared in a unique way, which gives it a unique and unforgettable taste. Mama Ntsama made her oil a real labour of love and I want to share that with other people who also love the way good food brings people together.

Oh – and the recipe’s still a secret!”- Joyce